Blepharoplasty in Colombia – Makeover Your Eyes Completely

Floppy eyelids and bags under your eyes can turn your appearance fatigued and tired. It can also make you look more aged than you actually are. Blefaroplastia en Colombia is the cosmetic surgery process that can address your troubles and refresh your features. The droopiness of the eyes can be modified through this eyelid surgery, which turns the skin firmer roughly in the eyelid area.

Blepharoplasty is acted on an outpatient base, and is a handy solution for those who stay hard schedules. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will carry out a detailed evaluation of your eyelids and also your complete health. This will assist the surgeon deciding whether you are a perfect person for the surgery.

The surgeon will also make a decision whether only lower eyelid operation or upper eyelid surgery or both, needs to be acted. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is occasionally performed along with other process including facelift, neck lift and brow lift, in order to get superior results.

The patient requires not stay during the night, if blepharoplasty is acted as an independent process, without merging any other surgical treatment. Swelling about the eyes may be followed by patients for a few days once the surgery gets complete. The surgeon will recommend moisturizing drops to be utilized for a week’s time, as they are essential to guard the eyes, post surgery. Patients can start again their regular activities simply in a week’s time.

How It Works

The process of blepharoplasty includes removal of surplus fat, muscle and skin from the eyelids thus bringing about a revitalized look. The lower eyelid being one of the main difficult parts of the human structure needs experience and precision on the part of the surgeon. It is sensible to look for the services of an AAAASF credited plastic surgery center; which includes such a presenting the best services and high tech tools, separately from the skill and proficiency of their plastic surgeons.

Other Process within Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty if followed in complete form can occupy the process of canthopexy or reposition the curve of the eye. The medical doctor may also change the position of the lower and lateral tarsal strip eyelid if necessary. Widespread discharge of orbicularis is one more step that may be acted for eyelid surgery.

In the majority of the cases, the above process is acted with the help of browpexy surgery, which is reposition of the eyebrow. Upper medellin Colombia blefaroplastia outcomes in the better appearance of glabellar frown lines.


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